Building a Blog is Taking Sweat and Tears, but it Doesn’t Have To

Well, well, well. Four days after I registered the domains and, I have finally started writing my first blog post. I was mostly fiddling with the WordPress theme and signing up for various social media as The Bipolar Kitty, and not focusing on actually creating any content other than my About page. The theme is nowhere near what I want it to look like, and my social media is woefully underdeveloped — all I have secured are the usernames.

There are so many more things to think about. A logo. A customized theme with a pretty header. A mailing list. A YouTube channel. A podcast. Super stardom. You know, the usual elements of a wildly successful blog. But do you know what I need first? Content. Lots of content. And what do I need second?


If you are reading this blog entry the same day I wrote it (Thursday, March 14, 2019) or soon thereafter, then consider yourself an early subscriber. I shall give you a token of my appreciation, especially if you follow this blog beyond the first post. You are embarking on a journey with me as I figure out this entire blog business. It could take months. It could even take years. All I know is that I will never finish evolving my brand. Someday, I probably won’t be The Bipolar Kitty. I may want another identity. But I will worry about that when I reach an impasse. For now, I am embracing my primary mental illness that practically overshadows all of my other mishmash of disorders. One day, I hope to become an effective advocate for others with mental health disorders and break the stigma.

That’s a tall order to fill. I just need to focus on putting one foot in front of the other, and trust the process. Build content first. Then build readers. Then create my own empire (OK, I know there are many steps in between). It doesn’t have to be hard. I’ve already enrolled in several online blogging courses, so I hope to learn from the best. I will fill my head with all the information I need. Then, I need to put it into action.

There comes a time when you need to stop thinking and start doing. This is my doing. My next right action. And I shall do more doing in the near future. For now, peace out.

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